Snap King ft. Stevo The Madman

We had Stevo The Madman on this week; our fellow Filthy Fella. I remember an unsure Stevo walking into Filthy Fellas for the first time not knowing what to do next but, a couple of years later, he seems to be doing absolutely everything. His creation, Spartan Gang, has spawned a cult and he is truly flourishing as one of the real pioneers of snap-chat. A true genius in his respective field. Entertainment. He’s managed to bring his home into our homes and, with merchandise and several other media endeavour, his life is all over our screens and it’s bloody hilarious. Stevo is a tough one for me to summarise because he is entertaining on so many levels but what he is doing hasn’t been done before. It’s almost indescribable. It’s like The Truman Show meets My Wife And Kids meets Jackass. That’s the best I can do. Millions of people watch him across the world and, because he isn’t on terrestrial TV, I think we fail to fully understand the magnitude of his success, thus far. From restaurants, merchandise, music apps and spartan hats, to a load of other things I’m not sure if I’m allowed to mention, Stevo’s driving force seems to be his entrepreneurial spirit, as well as his devotion to his Spartans. And boy oh boy is he devoted to his Spartans. And it’s mutual. In fact, I think I’m gonna stop writing before they come for me. If you don’t understand what I mean, have a listen to this episode as we touch on all things Stevo, whist still doing all things DMD. (I initially called the Spartans an online cult, but when I witnessed Spartans pulling up beside Stevo on the motorway, just to catch his attention, and throwing up Spartan hand signs, I came home and deleted the ‘online’ as I realised it wasn’t ‘online’ at all. It’s real life.)

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