Amazing, funny podcast

5.0 rating
26th March 2018

Yeaaaaahhhhh man, obviously DMD is one of the best podcasts I’ve ever listened to. I love the bond between all 3 of you and how jokes you all are. Although I love the banter, the episodes on things like sickle cell anaemia and cancer have been really educating. Keep up the good work and safe for all the bangers of the week that you’ve put me onto. I have a whole playlist on my phone dedicated to just the songs you guys shout on the pod. Bless!


Great Podcast

5.0 rating
12th February 2018

Keep up the great work lads


Love the show

5.0 rating
26th January 2018

Great podcast guys, never fails to be funny. It tends to release on monday mornings( i’m in south africa) for me just before my first class so i drive to school just cracking up. I do have a question though , what does “ pattern”/“ pattern up “ mean, i manage to sift through and understand most of the slang you guys use but this one has escaped me. Great show guys, keep it up and hopefully i can one day attend a live show


Big fan

5.0 rating
26th January 2018

Hey guys, love the show. It never fails to be funny and it tends to release on monday mornings(i’m in south africa) right before my first class, so i drive to school cracking up. One question i did have though, what does “ pattern up “ mean, i manage to sift through and understand most of the slang but this one has lost me. Big up for the great show, hope to see one live one day.


You guys are the best

5.0 rating
19th January 2018

ShoutOut to the DMD mandem! I love how interactive you are with your listeners. For me personally, you guys have given me a shoutout on an episode before, you’ve read my dilemna on time and I’ve corresponded with you guys on the TL multiple times (Smokez even followed me back).
Overall, you guys are awesome and are hella underrated. More life to y’all!
Quick thing: you guys should have like a little contest or something where a listener can win an episode feature with you guys (lowkey, that is my way of saying I wanna be on an episode with y’all but I think the other listeners will actually love that nonetheless lol)


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