I love you more than life itself.

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3rd September 2019

Oh my days, the mandem are ELIIIIIIIITE. Big up the dargdem, EVERY. TIME. Melanin KINGS. I love you. I love you to bits.

Jamila Teixiera

Love you guys

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24th April 2019

Hey DMD, firstly you guys are too much sometimes… LAWWWWD I’m on the training busing up to myself!!! So definitely keep it up.
I want to stay anonymous but I need some help with my situation and I don’t have Male friends to turn too.
I’ve been with my boyfriend for now 4 years and this year I found out he’d been cheating on me for about 18months. The way I found out was his side bitch got my number from his phone and dropped grenades on me and she was hoping that I would end it with him so she could have him.
So, he’s saying he’s sorry but I want him to suffer a little… He wants to make us work and there are some days I believe we can… BUT the extent of his cheating is so extreme that I look at him in a completely different way. He’s not the man I thought he was. I personally don’t believe he can love me whilst doing that.
He’s changing and I can see the effort, but you know for me currently right now… whatever he does it will never be enough. I’m still hurt and mad and confused by it all but boys give me your opinions please?!
I need some advice from people who don’t know me or the situation entirely. Should I stay or should I go?? He said he’s never done this before either…
P.s. side bitch if you’re listening… thank u, next πŸ–•πŸ½


Big up DMD & Savage Dan

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25th May 2018

American listener here. The triad on this podcast (Smokes, Boat, Skribz) are hilarious. As listeners, we also are provided with a socially informative podcast that delves into topics that are prevalent in people’s lives but censored by mainstream media. ALSO, BIG UP SAVAGE DAN. Master engineer pulling strings like Pirlo (I’m a Chelsea fan as well #COYB).

Omar Omar

5 star

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23rd May 2018

You man just keep it real and down to earth….all the way from brum, we listen to yas and rate yas highly!!!


Big up DMD!!

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17th May 2018

Big up DMD! You man give me jokes all the time, my Monday ain’t complete until I listen to you man. Recommended this to all my g’s dem. Bmt tho why u man always getting on to south πŸ˜‚ but love to you man ❀️🀘🏾


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