Narstie Weather Ft Remel London

This week we had the wonderful Remel London on our podcast to grace us with her vibrance. (Is vibrance a word? I’m not even sure…but it’s suitable.) Her energy’s infectious and, in a world consumed by negativity, even 10 minutes with her will have you bubbling and buzzing with newfound confidence and vim! …In this episode we had almost 2 hours with her and now I’m here using words like ‘vibrance’ and ‘vim’. Remel is an inspiration to loads of Black girls, women and anyone looking to rid themselves of excuses. A testament of perseverance for many reasons. From her humble beginnings as a university and local radio presenter, to being a prominent face amongst the Link Up TV conglomerate and having a day time radio slot on Capital Xtra. And that’s just scratching the surface. In this week’s DMD Podcast we touched on what it was like to be a young Black Woman trying to make it in a media world that continuously perpetuates ‘European beauty standards.’ ‘How do you excel in a world where you’re constantly told that you won’t be accepted?’ Is it the reality or is it just a well-crafted seed of doubt? We pick Remel’s brain, and find out how she deals with these hurdles, while dragging her into the usual reckless DMD conversations.

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