Musical Culture Ft. Kirk Diamond

All the way from Canada special guest and Reggae Artist, Kirk Diamond joins DMD in the studio to talk about the Musical Culture, how it has evolved, influences and share his own experiences. We also discussed the following topics : Different types of Caribbean music explained Drake – culture vulture? The evolution of UK music and Kirk’s influence coming from UK garage White supremacy and how it has affected music Light skinned vs dark skinned – bleaching Mention of white woman that appeared on TV, has turned Black Overall this was a musically deep, informative and educative podcast and just listening to Kirk Diamond discuss and touch on various topics is very inspirational and aspiring. Tune in to the DMD Podcast below via iTunesSoundcloud, through your favourite android podcast player from Google Play Store or you can simply download or listen to the podcast below in your browser. Remember you can always download this podcast to your device, by clicking on the download icon on the podcast.