It’s A Lot Of Money

Dem Man Dere!!! This little DMD journey has introduced me to a plethora of folk and different energies but I can honestly say that I haven’t experienced energy quite as unique as I felt this episode. These man are in sync, driven and talented. Big Zeek, E-Mak, Thine and Diggy Hustle. From the moment they stepped in their vibe engulfed the room and, before you even know it, they’ve pulled you into their world where you find yourself ‘zoopin’ up’, laughing and learning all at the same time.

These man are hood. And I say that in a way where I want you to forget the negative connotations that come along with the word. I mean in a way where only the dynamics and pressures of the hood could’ve created such characters. Proof that pressure makes diamonds. All self assured, no fighting for the limelight or trying to be the ‘boss’ and all playing their position and looking as comfortable as ever doing so. Hell, this may as well have been their podcast.

On entry, Diggy showed me a crate of drinks and handed me one, telling me to ‘zoop up’. After my first sip, I realised that this was actually his own drink. His brand. He created this…

…Then he just sat down like it was nothing. Further into the interview, I found out that he and another present member of the North West family, Thine, were on the legendary ‘North Weezy’ track. I was gassed. Can’t lie. Then we found out they were signed, made music, made drinks, held events and had a load of other ventures they mention in this episode. Taken aback by their humbleness, unity and hunger, I realised that these guys could actually achieve whatever they put their minds to and I was inspired.

These man fly the flag for North West London. I over-mention ‘hood’ and where they’re from intentionally because too often we act like there’s only negativity and violence in the hood. But there isn’t. If that was it, why would so many of us that grew up in impoverished areas embrace and love the ends like we do? Community. Through struggle we are all united and the communities we grow up in become like our extended families. Although often drowned out, there are many different voices in the ends. We’re not just aggressive and violent. We’re also progressive, assertive and loving and these guys are a fantastic example of that. Through all the conversations and achievements, who they are and how they live their lives is what really stood out to me the most, so have a listen and understand why I’m behind everything these guys stand for. From musicians and entrepreneurs to community leaders, the potential of these lads is untold and it makes me even happier because they’re mandem. DMD Podcast is available on all major audio and visual platforms, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Soundcloud, Youtube or you can simply listen to the podcast below in your browser. #dmdpodcast

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