House Party

‘Black Excellence’ is something we take pride in on DMD Podcast. Now, this isn’t a phrase we throw around frivolously to piss off our non-Black listeners, but it’s something we feel can uplift and motivate our Black ones. Too often do we focus on the negatives within our community, so we’ve taken it upon ourselves to shine some light on the positives. When we come from negative environments, negativity can become our ‘safe place’ because it’s what we’re used to. And I get that. But are there more negatives than positives? I don’t think so. We just need to shift our focus. You see the progression in your peripheral but you’re fixated on the bullshit because it’s more recognisable and easier to understand. Success isn’t the norm here. Especially within unconventional career paths. It’s unrealistic. A ‘pipe dream’. Or so we were told….  

‘Be The Change You Want To See.’

We brought in 3 fine examples of ‘Black Excellence’ to enlighten us about a project they recently released. Now, I’m not being vague on purpose. I’m being vague due to my lack of knowledge when it comes to what they do. 2 actors and an award winning director. Where do we start? Well, as far as their respective fields go, there aren’t many examples to draw comparison to so they are truly pioneers with their YouTube drama, ‘House Party’. From the 23-hour work days, to the successful exclusive screening, to the well thought out plot and character development, here we have a group of men and women that have been hands on, innovative and resourceful. Derek Oppong and Sharon Oji are the two actors that blessed us with their presence. Both on their way to flying out to LA to pursue their dreams. Then we have Josh Bridge who has worked with many big influencers within our ‘culture’, has a Screen Nation Award for the Best Digital Content Producer and runs his own production company; The Bridge Media. A true testament to his talent and vision.  I don’t want to say too much as I often have too much to say, but I feel like the 3 of them say more than enough in this episode in regards to their journey. They deserve the spotlight and the reward for taking such a risk and persevering with a true work of art.   

Let’s listen to, watch and celebrate them together.

Tune in to the ‘House Party Podcast’ below.

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