DMD Live Podcast Show 2017

Zigfrid Von Underbelly, Shorditch, London… a packed venue, DJ Specs Gonzalez spinning out the tunes set the scene for a perfectly relaxed vibe. With the stage set, the show commenced with the classic intro of Dem Man Dere followed by the iconic ” YEEAAAAAAAAAH MAAAN”, the crowd let out a huge roar and cheered on the DMD Team of B.O.A.T, Skribz and Smokez. The night kicked off with triggering topics such as ‘Would you date a woman with kids and her baby father still in her life?‘ and ‘Would you allow your kids to call a next man dad/daddy?‘.  We thought we would strategically start off with these topics as they were sure to make heads turn, eyes roll, jaws drop and get right under the audiences skin and draw the crowd right into the heat and yes we sure did get more than we bargained for, but again it was real-talk mixed with banter with hands high in the air requesting the mic to voice their opinions and have their say on the matter. Special guest and host Comedian Axel Blake who had done us, the audience and himself proud, was on hand and on point to referee the mic and take to the stage and have the crowd in stitches with his jokes and entertainment during break intervals along side his own special guest, Comedian Junior Booker, who was equally on point and delivering. For the second half of the show we turned it down a notch… LIES! We turned it right up with a topic which sent some individuals (well maybe a lot… of women… in particular…) over the edge ‘Are woman crazier than men?‘ but you know what? I think we’ll leave it there, play it safe and say no more!. And finally finishing off the show with ‘Promoting Black Businesses‘ a very important topic which deserves more recognition in so many ways. The first ever DMD Podcast Live Show was an absolute banger which was sold out, and by far exceeded our expectations. The feedback after the show was overwhelming and we are so grateful for those who turned out to support us on the night, for those who made long journeys to see us and also those who could not make it but still showed us love and support via our Twitter Channel. We came, We performed, We delivered, but most importantly so did you and for that we can’t thank you all enough. Check out the Gallery section to see a few pics on the night. And you can also watch the DMD Podcast Live Show. Special thanks to Lola the secret photographer on the night for sending us some Photos.  You can check her work out on Instagram : lollycommsphotography  Special thanks to KirkVideographer for shooting the Video Live.   Salute!

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